Autumn Cabbage Pickle

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Autumn Cabbage Pickle

Autumn Cabbage Pickle


The little bit of garlic in this recipe adds a light pungent flavor to the pickle. If you happen to be a macroneurotic you may prefer to leave the garlic out. Simply a delicious addition to most meals.


2 cups of finely shredded cabbage

1-2 teaspoons of good quality unbleached sea salt


½ cup of grated Daikon Radish

1 Carrot grated

½ cup of grated Green Apple

Juice of half a lime

Mustard seeds dry roasted in a pan

Cummin (more cumin than turmeric)

Pinch of tumeric

1 clove of garlic



In a bowl kneed the 2 cups of shredded cabbage with the salt. Really use your hands to squeeze it. You will see after about 10 mins water or juice of the cabbage start to appear in the bottom of the bowl. Cover with a weight and set aside.


In another bowl; put grated carrot, grated daikon radish, and grated green apple and add crushed garlic, a sprinkle of cumin and about a teaspoon of pan roasted mustard seeds and a little bit of black pepper and pinch of turmeric.


Drain the juice from the cabbage into a cup and keep it for later.

Mix the cabbage with all the other ingredients very well; use your hands, adding LOVE then big squeeze of fresh lime juice over it all …. Mix again.


Spoon into a sterilized jar and really PUSH down the cabbage mix so it is tightly packed in the jar. Use the cabbage juice (that was set aside) to make sure the cabbage is COMPLETELY submerged under liquid and place one of the Coarse outer leaves of the cabbage in the top of the jar to keep the mix tightly packed in the jar under the liquid.


Leave on the bench for around 3-4 days. Ocassionally you might need to burp the jar by just opening the lid and letting out some gas. Then place it in the fridge. It should keep for around 3 weeks if you don’t eat it all in the first sitting.


Use small amounts as a condiment to any meal.


Bon appetite !!

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