We all know we are not our bodies. That being true there is no need for us to be overwhelmed or held back by something that is more or less irrelevant to ourselves.

Buddhism and Christianity extol the necessity of non attachment. Being very healthy and having a large amount of energy is a necessity to fulfilling our purposes during not being distracted by our physical bodies. Pain, fatigue and strong desires are very distracting and a simple well ordered life is a requisite aspect of a comfortable and productive life. If we focus very hard on our bodies by being obsessed with what we eat and doing a lot of exercise we can give too much value to how we feel. Our sense of self can become far too entwined with our bodies and its needs. The more we focus on our bodies trying to avoid bad feelings, the more we think we are that.

Eat what is right for you to eat and exercise the parts of your body that need exercising. Nurture yourself in the way that you need without sentimentality and regret.Exercise without using it as a distraction and without being attached to the results. Aim to be supremely healthy and at the same time be just as happy that you have problems because this is the way that nature guides you into understanding the truth. Try very hard without trying hard by just completely believing you are doing the absolute right thing for you until you realise it has changed. No one can do any of this unless they stay detached but then where are you? If you are not attached. What can you hang on to?

Try this as you walk. Take a few stabilising breaths that focus on the breath out. Breathe out from your diaphragm and focus on your hips and knees and feel strength and awareness in them. When you breathe in, immediately breathe out again. It only takes a few breaths like this to feel more grounded and stable. The real benefits of eating well and doing exercise such ashatha yoga is to help us feel grounded and stable. We can then withdraw our senses and focus on a new reference point that is not our body. This kind of pranayama in daily life can set you up for maintaining constant grounding in your self that is not your body or food concerns. Use it when ever you are tired or lose focus or feel sick or thinking of buying food you don’t need or really want.

Withdraw your senses by meditating regularly and bringing that mind into everyday life as much as you can.Try to have the mind of meditation as you do your shopping. Try to stay detached and observe how you react to things as you do your yoga or other forms of exercise. Any little experience that makes you feel that you are observing yourself or that helps you just eat well and maintain a healthy body without attachment is a clear step in the right direction.

Master Oki believed that anything worth learning takes time so be patient with yourself and believe in your experiences. ”. AG

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say “try hard now not to think of a white horse

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