Nourish yourself this Winter

//Nourish yourself this Winter

Nourish yourself this Winter

Heart and Soul with Adzuki beans!!

Add this wonderful adzuki bean soup topped with parsley to oat porridge for a different breakfast.

  • Rolled Oats, a warming grain cooked with a pinch ofOlson’s sea salt is a great brain food.
  • Adzuki beans are high in protein, rich in fibre containing good levels of vitamin B1. This supports healthy gut function and relieves fatigue.
  • Adzuki Beans contain the mineral molybdenum. This unique mineral plays a crucial role in detoxifying the liver.
  • Adzuki beans are rich in Polyphenol which is said to support patients suffering from diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease and strengthens the kidney and bladder organs
  • Wakame is rich in minerals particularly calcium, amino acids, Iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, fibre,Omega -3 fatty acids, Vitamin B1 & B3 thiamine and niacin.
  • Parsley is a good source of vitamin C & Iron

If you make plenty of the soup you can lengthen it each day by adding water & wakame – it continues to taste delicious!

Left over bean soup can be blended into a condiment or used as a savoury spread to go on toast or crackers


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