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Here is the schedule for all Ryoho Yoga certified teachers, that you can participate.
To find out more details of each teacher and where is the class, please visit Ryoho Yoga Teachers Directory.
At the moment, because of COVID-19, most of them are offering online class. 

Ryoho Time Table

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Mornings (6:00am - 9:00am)Fiona 6:30amGinny 6:30amBec 6:00amDanielle 6:00amGinny 6:30amBec 6:00amDanielle 6:00amFiona 6:00amTracey 6:00amGwynne 6:00am
Tracey 6:00amAlex 6:30amGinny 6:30am
Colleen 7:00amDanielle 7:00amDanielle 7:00amSusan 7:00amColleen 7:00amDanielle 7:00amSusan 7:00am
Sinden 7:30amHaymon 7:30amMelissa 7:30amSinden 7:30amTania 7:30amHaymon 7:30amMelissa 7:30amSinden 7:30amBec 7:30amTracey 7:30am
Danielle 8:00amBec 8:15amColleen 8:00amBec 8:00amColleen 8:00amAlex 8:00am
Daytime (9:00am - 5:00pm)Ginny 9:30amAlena 9:00amGinny 9:30amKate 9:30amAlena 9:00amDanielle 9:30amGinny 9:30amKate 9:30amTania 9:00amAlena 10:00amJimmy 10:00am
Tania 10:00amTania 10:00amTracey 9:30amHaymon 10:30amSinden 10:00am
Kate 12:00pmKate 12:00pm
Sinden 2:00pmSinden 2:00pmJimmy 4:00pmSinden 4:00pm
Evenings (5:00pm - 8:00pm)Alex 5:30pmDanielle 6:00pmAlex 5:30pm
Ginny 6:00pmSinden 6:00pmAlena 6:00pmGinny 6:00pmGinny 6:00pmJimmy 6:00pmGinny 6:00pmDanielle 6:00pmJimmy 6:00pm
Danielle 6:00pmSinden 6:00pmBec 6:30pmHaymon 6:00pmSinden 6:00pm
Tracey 7:00pmMelissa 7:30pmHaymon 7:00pmMelissa 7:30pmAlena 7:00pmMelissa 7:30pm