I had been wanting to open my own space for a whilePre-Covid but whenever I found a suitable space the rent was always astronomical. After Covid hit I noticed the large number of vacant commercial properties so I made some inquiries and found the rents were much more negotiable. Given that class numbers were capped due to government regulations, and people were steering clear of large groups I decided that a smaller space would be more affordable and suitable for the current environment.

I had a vision to create a little urban oasis where people could come and feel comfortable in small groups, and receive personal attention within the class. I also wanted to have a little shiatsu treatment space. Since private classes and zoom classes were still popular I also wanted to keep them going.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s totally worth it and I’m so pleased I made the move.”

It was a lot of hard work to transform an old, ugly office space into my little studio. I had to rip up and replace the floors, change window dressings, decorate, and paint….so much painting! But after months of falling from ladders, being impaled by stray nails and covered in paintI finally got it done!

I think my expectations were probably a bit high for my first day. I had imagined that I would open up and be flooded with students. But these things take time, and word of mouth is your best referee. I’m please to report my client base is steadily increasing each week. And more people are trying out shiatsu or private services now thatI have a dedicated space to treat.

I’ve just started hiring the space for curated workshops.Hosting complimentary services like meditation, myofascial release, singing bowl sound baths etc. and this seems to be working well. I will also be adding my own workshops in the near future.

Looking forward I’d like to keep adding in other teachers, either for workshops or maybe even permanent classes so my clients can learn from their experience too.

It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s totally worth it andI’m so pleased I made the move.



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