Having been a rock climber for more than 5 years now, I have come to the understanding that yoga and more specifically yoga therapy can bring a number of significant advantages to those who incorporate it into their routine/training.

Indeed the regular rock climber barely stretches and most likely doesn’t really understands the potential positive impact of yoga let alone yoga therapy on the

mind and body.

It’s well known that all elite climbers dedicate a significant part of their training to yoga. My belief is that yoga therapy/ Ryoho can be even more impactful than regular yoga as it is more targeted and as a practitioner we understand the body and its functions better.

I have always been excited at the idea of teaching the climbing community and helping them understand their bodies better, and connect their mind and bodies.

One of the reasons is to avoid injuries, which happens very frequently in climbing, and which will, just like iny oga, set you back in your practice. Another reason is to get people to move /understand their bodies differently and use that into their climbing. And last but not least, to teach them tools, poses, therapy exercises to balance their bodies and energies, and give them the tools to constantly adjust

One of the biggest teachings of ryoho, zen shiatsu and chinese medicine for me was: the energy governs the physical body. If I can successfully introduce that idea to the climbing community and get them to see and feel themselves from that new different angle, it would be a great success.

I always found that climbing and yoga was a great combination. Yoga being there to build awareness and combine mind and body, as well as relax the spine, nervous system and physical body. But one of the movements absent from yoga is the “pulling” strength that is so omnipresent and crucial in climbing.

However climbing tends to be quite harsh on the body, joints, and tendons. It will build strength in certain areas of the body, and therefore imbalances tend to develop.All the top climbers in the world have a strong yoga practice to complement their training. Some have regular acupuncture treatments to prevent injury and keep their energy balanced and strong.

I’m really looking forward to see the impact of yoga therapy on climbers and I hope to have a wide range of students to test my abilities and keep everyone challenged and safe at the same time.

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